Many students find one-on-one instruction suits them better than a traditional academic environment. ABC Private Tutoring offers tutoring in Fresno with customized options for families seeking an alternative, or supplement, to classroom instruction.

Individual classes can be conducted as part of a homeschooling program or as a supplement to existing school curricula. ABC Private Tutoring expert tutors align their instruction to exceed state and federal standards, while tailoring coursework to each child’s unique needs and interests. Our independent learning programs provide opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning that is not possible in a conventional classroom.

Whether you are looking for a specific class that is not offered at your child’s school, long-term homeschooling, or a short-term independent study to help your child transition back into the classroom, ABC Private Tutoring has a customized solution to fit your needs.

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    Core and Elective

  • Comprehensive Homeschooling

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