Three Important Pieces of Information for Parents About Common Core Principals

  • Common Core Is Not A Federal Mandate

    It is not a federal, country-wide curriculum. Each state was able to choose whether or not to be a part of this initiative. Those that decided to join the Common Core initiative, adopted the standards and were able to add a small percentage of their own relative standards for their state.

  • Common Core Doesn’t Take Away Our Local Control Or Influence

    Many parents are worried that “Common” Core means that teaching, curriculum materials, technology, etc. will be common as well. Each school district still maintains control of how they will help students meet the Common Core Standards. Some will use technology more than others. Some will adopt new textbooks and other curriculum. Parents should contact their local school district to find out the district’s plan for helping its students be Career and College ready!

  • The Change Will Be New - And At Times Difficult For Students And Parents Alike

    Students will be shifting what they do in school and on homework. Instead of simply finding answers, students are going to be required to reason, prove with evidence, cite text in writing, explain their thinking, and completing complex tasks and problems. This is a good thing! However, it will be new for them – and for you. Most parents did not learn in this way in school, so we must also shift our own thinking.

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